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Taylor Lautner Says New Moon Was Nerve-Wreking
December 6, 2009, 1:46 pm
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Wolf boy Taylor Lautner admits he was nervous about having “more responsibility” in Twilight Saga: New Moon.  The 17-year-old actor — who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire movie franchise — says he got stressed out about the amount of work he had to do. “I wouldn’t say I had to hold the whole movie but it was nerve-wracking having more responsibility,” Lautner said. “But I definitely think the whole thing is a team effort and it was scary to think it was my job to bring alive that Bella/Jacob relationship.

“But Kristen Stewart made it easier. I felt pressure but overall this whole movie is amazing and a major team effort.” Taylor recently revealed that he was bullied as a kid. “I was never extremely confident,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. “Because I was an actor, when I was in school there was a little bullying going on. “Not physical bullying but people making fun of what I do … I just had to tell myself I can’t let this get to me. This is what love to do. And I’m going to continue to do it.”